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  • [RPM2011] Writing a soundtrack for a book

    For anyone curious, here’s a copy of my notes (an earlier draft, I’ve added to them a bit since).

  • [RPM2011] A really freaking early video update

    For no good reason, I sort of decided to video blog my progress in RPM2011.  This is my first update.  It is 21 days until RPM2011. Sign up for RPM: www.rpmchallenge.com Or, if you’re already signed up, sign up for the 2011 Blind Chaos experiment here.

  • RPM2011

    It’s getting to be that time again.  The time where musicians vow to create and complete album of 10 songs or 35 minutes in the 28 days of February.  I’ve officially signed up, making this my fourth RPM (I didn’t finish my first attempt for RPM07 due to some overly ambitious goals subsequent technical issues).…