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  • Finish line @rpmchallenge

    Finish line @rpmchallenge

  • another down.

    another down.

  • The Signal: the show must go on

    The Kickstarter project for The Signal was not successful, however, the project is still happening.  Here’s how you can help the project be successful. Click here to donate to the project now.  I will be honoring the same backer rewards as the Kickstarter project but everyone who donates will get a copy ofWASPREMIX as well (otherwise available… (read…

  • [RPM2011] Valentine’s Day update

    As of today I’m slightly more than halfway through my RPM album and the second half seems like it should be pretty much a breeze since all the leitmotifs should be done.

  • [RPM2011] first song, Lisbeth

    This song is mostly done.  I think if I get a chance before the end of the month I’m going to adjust the levels on the drum kit…

  • [RPM2011] It’s February 1. I’m going to make an album cover

    Lucky thing I already figured out what my album cover for RPM2011 would be. This is a quick screencast of my cover-making process.  The music is my remix of @artfulmark’s Coffee Break.

  • A History of Bedroom Music Production — Part Three

    So this is the third and final part chronicling the evolution of my music.  What started out as a fascination with synthesizers largely due to the shallow(er) learning curve turned into an avid interest in electronic and computer-generated music.  Ironically, digging into the history of electronic music sent me in the opposite direction, towards more…

  • [RPM2011] Tracklist

    What I don’t mention in this video blog (but I did on my blog on The RPM Challenge) is that I’ve also decided on a title for the album, Wasp.  You can head over there if you want the full description, I’m too lazy to repost something I’ve already written here. Also, an interesting thing…

  • [RPM2011] A really freaking early video update

    For no good reason, I sort of decided to video blog my progress in RPM2011.  This is my first update.  It is 21 days until RPM2011. Sign up for RPM: www.rpmchallenge.com Or, if you’re already signed up, sign up for the 2011 Blind Chaos experiment here.