kathy gets picked up by the police for the 2nd time

this will be my last disnts post.  why? because they’re boring.  i’m boring myself talking about it.  the lives of my sims just aren’t interesting enough to warrant a blog about them.  maybe i’m too involved, but it seemed to me like when i left free will to do most of the work, they just went through the motions…which is pretty much what sims do.  maybe there’s just not enough drama — certainly i don’t have anything like the parents being enemies with their kids, but i figured both parents being criminals and generally horrible people would, you know, probably result in a troubled youth.  maybe it’s that i don’t actively sabotage their happiness.  i’m not sure.  but i’m playing the game, and i’m playing it, and i realize that there just isn’t anything interesting enough to report.  even when kathy was carted off to the police station (again) it still wasn’t really all that newsworthy, more anticlimactic.

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disnts: downtime

charlene and jimmy play chess
charlene sneaks off to practice chess before work

charlene and jimmy challenge each other to a game of chess. the winner? jimmy, actually, despite the fact that his sister has the genius trait. the next day, she practices chess after school before she needs to go to work. jimmy, too, practices chess at the park nearby after he finishes his homework. while there, he gets the idea in his head to stay out past curfew. this leads him to get caught by the police and kathy gets a wakeup call at 2am to pick him up.
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sims 3: the disnts

i’ve been playing sims 3 a bit after being inspired by alice and kev. for those who haven’t seen or heard about them, alice and kev are two homeless sims in sims 3. the way alice and kev’s player portrays them, it seemed like there was quite a lot of serious ai advances and the story that was being told was a poignant and heartbreaking tale of realistically depicted homelessness. the things they got into, and the struggles they had seemed to be pretty realistic. strikingly realistic actually, and their player, robin burkinshaw, said on a number of occasions that she more or less let them do their own thing and let the free will ai make most of their decisions.

alice and kev are two homeless sims
alice and kev are two homeless sims

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