kathy gets picked up by the police for the 2nd time
kathy gets picked up by the police for the 2nd time

this will be my last disnts post.  why? because they’re boring.  i’m boring myself talking about it.  the lives of my sims just aren’t interesting enough to warrant a blog about them.  maybe i’m too involved, but it seemed to me like when i left free will to do most of the work, they just went through the motions…which is pretty much what sims do.  maybe there’s just not enough drama — certainly i don’t have anything like the parents being enemies with their kids, but i figured both parents being criminals and generally horrible people would, you know, probably result in a troubled youth.  maybe it’s that i don’t actively sabotage their happiness.  i’m not sure.  but i’m playing the game, and i’m playing it, and i realize that there just isn’t anything interesting enough to report.  even when kathy was carted off to the police station (again) it still wasn’t really all that newsworthy, more anticlimactic.

in the end, it’s a game.  it’s like the other sims games, only better.  yes, the wishes and lifetime goals thing is cool, and it engages the player to drive the characters toward something.  but it would be ridiculous for me to try to make my characters’ story more important than anyone else’s.  the whole point of the game is that everyone, no matter who they are, has a story, each story is different and unique, and each story is worth telling and experiencing.  that’s what the sims is: it’s a self-evaluation of who we are as people and we’re all interesting, and boring, and we each have triumphs and failures and that’s what it is.  what makes alice and kev different (in my opinion) is that it is telling a story that is often seen but not heard.  how many homeless people have you had an actual conversation with lately?  but it’s not as if we can’t imagine what their lives are like, or what our lives would be like were we in the same situation.  alice and kev are just a reminder, and a way to experience the emotional impact of their daily struggles.

so that’s all.  go play the sims.  watch your characters grow up and fall in love and die and live eventful, or uneventful lives and don’t forget, in the process, to live eventful lives yourself.  the sims is just, after all, a reflection of who we are, and the story it tells is the story of us.






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