disnts: downtime

charlene and jimmy play chess
charlene sneaks off to practice chess before work

charlene and jimmy challenge each other to a game of chess. the winner? jimmy, actually, despite the fact that his sister has the genius trait. the next day, she practices chess after school before she needs to go to work. jimmy, too, practices chess at the park nearby after he finishes his homework. while there, he gets the idea in his head to stay out past curfew. this leads him to get caught by the police and kathy gets a wakeup call at 2am to pick him up.

jimmy hits the books at the park

jimmy practices his chess game after curfew









you get a lot of reading done when you're dead. i guess that's why the first encounter with ghosts in ghostbusters is at a library

jimbo stops by for another visit. apprently it’s boring being dead, but you have a lot of time to get reading done. also, jimmy and charlene change their appearance after the family buys a mirror (and i figure out that that is the secret to changing their hairstyles and makeup…).







jimmy is more of a long-haired metalhead-type now. thank god he gave up his dad's mullet.
charlene has a bit of a siouxsie sioux look going on





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