teh s3quence 012 – the rapture edition (…or not)

Sometime before the world was supposed to end in earthquakes and fire I decided to make a playlist to commemorate the event.  No, actually I was just inspired by the #myraptureplaylist meme that @neilhimself started on Twitter and HuffPo’s Rapture playlist (most of which doesn’t appear on mine).  The majority of this mixtape was compiled post-rapture, so this is really more a the-rapture-didn’t-happen-and-we’re-all-still-stuck-here mix. 

with all the stuff that’s supposed to happen post-rapture, you’d think it would have already come…



1 Siouxsie and the Banshees – The Rapture
2 Radiohead – Exit Music (For a Film)
3 Laurie Anderson – The End of the World
4 Bauhaus – Kingdom’s Coming
5 Marilyn Manson – The Last Day on Earth
6 Sonic Youth – Do You Believe in Rapture
7 The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil
8 Dead Can Dance – Anywhere Out of the World
9 Skinny Puppy – Nature’s Revenge
10 Nine Inch Nails – The Day the World Went Away
11 Tool – Ænema
12 Gang Gang Dance – Thru and Thru
13 DEVO – Beautiful World
14 The Cure – The End of the World
15 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Death is not The End
16 Pizzicato Five – Happy Ending

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…and if you’re still waiting for the rapture…

teh s3quence – 011 – #BassLove4Japan

photo from geardiary.com via boston.com

I’ve been meaning to make a s3quence mix that had stuff from #RPM2011, but I was waiting until I had a chance to listen to more of the stuff that came out of it.  Then the earthquake/tsunami in Japan happened.  Looking at these pictures is mind-blowing, as is the constant threat of nuclear radiation for those in the surrounding area.  Often, when faced with something of such astounding scale, you just freeze up — you have no idea what you can do.  BassLove4Japan was created to organize DJs and musicians to help provide relief for those affected in Japan through a nonprofit organization Music For Relief.  BassLove4Japan encourages DJs and musicians to use their following to text donations to Japan (text ‘MFR’ to 85944 to make a $10 donation) and contribute by submitting tracks or proceeds from shows or whatever they can do to help spread the word.  Times are tight, but I wanted to do something, so I’ve donated a couple hours of my time to create this mix, at the end of which is a bit of a public service announcement with information about how to help.  Even if you can’t make the donation yourself, please spread this mix as far and wide as possible, to as many people as will listen, and tell them to donate to help aid those whose homes and livelihoods have been completely devastated.

Click here to send a Tweet asking your followers to donate.

[audio: s3quence-011-basslove4japan.mp3]

– intro: jazzsequence – Hedestad / DJ Shadow – Transmission III / Sinuata – Die for a Week to Live for a Century –
Fink – Walking in the Sun
DJ Krush – What’s Behind Darkness
DJ Spooky vs. The Dub Pistols – Peace in Zaire Mix
Artful Mark – Coffee Break (jazzsequence’s glitched out remix)
Cat Throat – Second Night
Buck 65 – The Suffering Machine
cEven kEy – Bird
57 Splits – Hey Birdsong
– interlude: James Brown – Hot Pants –
ormo – Diaper
The Crown Fires – Burtations
The Faint – Your Retro Career Melted
Lieutenant Dance – Painting Dicks on the Paintings at the Louvre
– interlude: Lionel Richie – Lady –
jazzsequence – Mildly irritated
Underworld – Dirty Epic
Carrier Signal – Brimstone Villian
Clever Things – Perfect Coded Angel
Slighter – These Scars Don’t Bruise
HORRORFALL – Necroplasm Fix (Slighter’s Extended Melee Mix)
Kidney Thieves – Placebo
Recoil – Jezebel
Tricky – Excess (Slighter’s Excessorized Mix)
Jeff Beal – Lucky to Have Jonesy (Sophie’s Theme)

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teh s3quence: 010 — halloween

photography by Sam Javanrouh

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, so, with the best holiday (especially when it comes to music) coming along, it seemed the right time.  This mix is 90 minutes of spooky tracks to get your demonic groove on to.

1 – Rob Zombie, Living Dead Girl
2 – GraveDiggaz, Diary of a Madman
3 – Jay Gordon, Slept So Long
4 – Dark Disco Club, The Human Condition
5 – Zombie Girl, We are the Ones (Rotting Corpse Mix)
6 – Sneaky Bat Machine, Trick or Treat
7 – The Electric Hellfire Club, Incubus
8 – HORRORFALL, Necroplasm Fix
9 – XORCIST, Scorched Blood (Torch Mix)
10 – Die Form, Cantique
11 – Type O Negative, Wolf Moon (Including Zoanthropic Paranoia)
12 – Trent Reznor, Peter Murphy & TV On the Radio, Bela Lugosi’s Dead
13 – HIM, Vampire Heart
14 – Rasputina, Transylvanian Concubine (Yes Sir Mister Sir – Club Mix)
15 – Marilyn Manson, Redeemer
16 – Gary Numan, Dead Heaven
17 – How to Destroy Angels, A Drowning
18 – Evanescence, Haunted

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teh s3quence 009: lilah’s mix


a new tradition i’m starting this year is to make mix cds for each of the kids every year.  i did one for G a couple months ago, and decided when i finally made lilah’s that i would post it here on teh s3quence.  so, here it is:

01 morphine, the night
02 poe, hello
03 bjork, big-time sensuality
04 imogen heap, clear the area
05 elastica, connection
06 eisley, combinations
07 fleetwood mac, go your own way
08 the killers, everything will be alright
09 pop tarts, girlie pop
10 no doubt, just a girl
11 they might be giants, clap your hands
12 the 5, 6, 7, 8s, woo hoo
13 blondie, hanging on the telephone
14 the b-52s, love shack
15 garbage, only happy when it rains
16 no doubt/bounty killer, girls got the bass in the back
17 alice deejay, the lonely one
18 ayumi hamasaki, moments
19 bt, blue skies (feat. tori amos)
20 ayumi hamasaki, i’m your little butterfly
21 ben folds, gracie


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(side notes: track 01 is a special song because it’s about a “little girl” named lilah, and it played in my head when we were coming up with names.  track 21 is a song ben folds wrote for/about his daughter.  “still fighting it” on rockin’ the suburbs was written about/for his son.)

now a podcast…sort of

with the latest s3quence mix, i finally fixed stuff up to officially podcast teh s3quence.  i had attempted it once before, but the enclosures were getting all messed up from my download permalinks, so that’s been cleared up thanks, in part, to spiral web consulting‘s podcasting plugin.  it’s not in the itunes store (they actually rejected it for unspecified reasons, but i suspect it was either not listing it as non-clean (accidentally), or maybe they just didn’t like the Xenos song), but you can still subscribe in itunes by adding this feed url: