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  • [RPM2011] Tracklist

    What I don’t mention in this video blog (but I did on my blog on The RPM Challenge) is that I’ve also decided on a title for the album, Wasp.  You can head over there if you want the full description, I’m too lazy to repost something I’ve already written here. Also, an interesting thing…

  • [RPM2011] Writing a soundtrack for a book

    For anyone curious, here’s a copy of my notes (an earlier draft, I’ve added to them a bit since).

  • [RPM2011] A really freaking early video update

    For no good reason, I sort of decided to video blog my progress in RPM2011.  This is my first update.  It is 21 days until RPM2011. Sign up for RPM: www.rpmchallenge.com Or, if you’re already signed up, sign up for the 2011 Blind Chaos experiment here.