Jane Austen’s Fight Club

This completely made my night.  Wish it was a real film. Hat tip to @allisonr via @SusanVLewis, but you can also read about it on @Mashable: “Jane Austen’s Fight Club” Fake Trailer Goes Viral [VIDEO]… It does raise an interesting question: the people who don’t think this is funny (or, alternately, bloody brilliant), are they unfamiliar with Fight… Continue reading Jane Austen’s Fight Club

8-Bit Interactive Twilight: Eclipse

This is a brilliantly-crafted interactive game via YouTube, that works like a choose-your-own-adventure story for Twilight: Eclipse.  Click on the choices and you can actually steer the story a different way.  Oh, and it’s done in old school 8-bit NES style. Update: In an amazing display of ignorance and thick-headedness, Summit Entertainment, LLC removed 8-Bit… Continue reading 8-Bit Interactive Twilight: Eclipse

amnesty international: death to the death penalty

This new Amnesty International ad is gorgeous and inspired.  Gets the message across while being appropriately eerie and unsettling.  Which, given the subject matter, it should be. The folks who did this ad also did this crazy dog short (also awesome): “birds” (pleix) from pleix on Vimeo.

positive identification

this makes me sick: today, wikileaks released a military video and transcript they acquired depicting US helicopters gunning down a group of Reuters journalists in Iraq. the cameras slung over their shoulders were mistaken as AK-47s and RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades). the video is 3 years old, from 2007, so it’s irrelevant to get up in… Continue reading positive identification

who is that masked “merton”?

okay, let’s put an and to this ridiculous debate. there is a feud raging across the internet about whether the original “funny chatroulette piano” video is ben folds.  i’ve taken some heat on digg for suggesting that, um, yeah, it is.  so, let’s — just for the sake of argument — pretend that we don’t… Continue reading who is that masked “merton”?