8-Bit Interactive Twilight: Eclipse

This is a brilliantly-crafted interactive game via YouTube, that works like a choose-your-own-adventure story for Twilight: Eclipse.  Click on the choices and you can actually steer the story a different way.  Oh, and it’s done in old school 8-bit NES style.

Update: In an amazing display of ignorance and thick-headedness, Summit Entertainment, LLC removed 8-Bit Interactive Twilight: Eclipse, restored it, then removed it again on claims of copyright infringement.  In a statement from The Fine Brothers (author of the game), they had this to say:

Really this is a poster child type of situation on how disconnected traditional media is to the value of content online, and… how web content at large is unprotected. This is clearly fair use/parody, we took no actual media from Twilight, everything was created from scratch, no different than South Park or Saturday Night Live — but on the web, a big company can just click a button and instantly have content removed with no protection … It’s disappointing for web video and creativity at large.

via NewTeeVee/GigaOm






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