[RPM2011] Tracklist

What I don’t mention in this video blog (but I did on my blog on The RPM Challenge) is that I’ve also decided on a title for the album, Wasp.  You can head over there if you want the full description, I’m too lazy to repost something I’ve already written here.

Also, an interesting thing to watch in this third installment is my beard.  Which I’m sure you’re just dying to be updated on.

eat your heart out david lynch

first vlog.  i’m pretty happy with it.  it doesn’t say “hey, i’m a boring video blog” instead it says “hi i’m a video blog AND I’M GOING TO MELT YOUR BRAIN” which, i think, is a lot more interesting.  i’m a bit annoyed by the clicky noises it makes when i move the laptop around or adjust it, and the sound isn’t fantastic, but what else is new.