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  • aaand this is why digg > slashdot

    so, don’t get me wrong.  i ♥ slashdot, i even like reading the comments for their biting snark, but it’s pretty much a given that if you post something stupid, lame, or sentimental, by anyone‘s standards, you’re asking for a lashing on the old /. sometime over the summer or early in the year there…

  • Borderlands: Gun Porn

    I recently got a copy of Borderlands sort of for my birthday.  If you keep tabs on my Twitter feed or, for that matter, my Facebook updates, you will know that there was some issues getting the second computer up to a point that could run Borderlands.  Borderlands is like the first new (and by new I…

  • xbox fail

    Microsoft: i’m sorry, all your xboxes are belong to us. BBC NEWS | Technology | Microsoft disconnects Xbox gamers.