aaand this is why digg > slashdot

so, don’t get me wrong.  i ♥ slashdot, i even like reading the comments for their biting snark, but it’s pretty much a given that if you post something stupid, lame, or sentimental, by anyone‘s standards, you’re asking for a lashing on the old /.

sometime over the summer or early in the year there was this viral vid of a kid who had just come home from the dentist’s and he was tripping on nitrous oxide, and pretty much freaking out about it.  his dad was mildly supportive, but mostly he was videotaping the thing and laughing.  then he posted it to youtube and his blog because he thought it was so funny.  if you look at it from the kids’ perspective, dad was being pretty f’d up.

i mention that video because this one is not that.  it’s not a parent videotaping their kid in order to laugh at, jeer at, or make fun of them.  it’s mildly amusing because of the dad’s reactions, and because the kid is so grateful and well-spoken about it.  but, more important than the video, and why i’m currently digging digg more than slashdot, is the comments on this link.

The Only Prepubescent Kid Who Deserves an Xbox 360 (video)

rather than automatically being on the aggressive side about the video, the link, the submitter, the kid, the dad, and pretty much life in general, the comments are overwhelmingly positive.  being so used to reading flames and sarcasm, the difference is striking, and refreshing.  and probably being a parent has made me a bit more sentimental, as well.  so yeah, i think this puts digg above slashdot for commenters not being dickwads.






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