some counters and new page in the story thingie

i added a hit counter on the side bar.  i could host that myself, and i used to, but it tracked all page hits even from within the site and made some huge ridiculous number.  this one is externally hosted and does only unique hits.  i don’t really care and there’s probably a better way of doing it, but i figure it’s an ok benchmark.

i also finally finished the next section in the novel/story thing.  since the first part wasn’t really the story, it was an introduction to the story, this is really the first chapter or whatever you want to call it.

in other news, there has been a semi official thing on /. that reported that comcast is actively killing bit torrent connections by sending those ip’s a TCP reset command.  there’s an iptable hack to get around it (on linux) but that could account for issues on my sever.  then again, maybe not — since i did that and it didn’t let me download my song.  then again, since changing the iptable, possibly i need to reset something…which i didn’t.  i’m still planning on updating my modem’s firmware, i just need a direct connection btw the modem and the pc i want to use and i’ve been lazy and didn’t want to disconnect my network.

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