it is done…

i’m not going to publish the link yet until the client officially approves the site, but my first website for heritage is done. i was able to do most of it over the weekend and on my half day friday, overall spending maybe 8-10 hours working on it total. i was happy to find out that there were no hangups or glitches anywhere in the process — i was a little worried because i’m using exclusively .png images, which don’t play nice with old versions of internet explorer — at least not the transparent pngs. (for info on png and why it’s better than other formats, you can click on the </gif><png> logo on my sidebar…) i’m relieved to be done with it and with 2 days to spare before my deadline. and while i’m working a full time job.

using all png images makes me giddy in a really geeky way. it’s a sort of oblique nonconformist thing that is completely transparent to the casual visitor. in fact you’d need to look at the source code to even know i was doing it. nevertheless, it makes me happy, sort of a way to put my mark on the world and on the web site i’m building. png is just so much better than other image formats that there’s no reason it shouldn’t be the standard, and yet it’s like this linux underdog thing except in certain circles. next it will be replacing all my mp3s with OGG format…

in doing this web design thing i’ve neglected my novel. i expect that to be temporary however, i’ve just had too many other things occupying my headspace to think about that right now. it will happen though, i just need to sit down and do it.

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