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i blogged yesterday about saul williams’ new album, but as trent says on, unlike radiohead, his is not a household name (yet).  saul williams is an amazing black performance poet.  he’s possibly best known for his anti-bush rant, “not in my name” or, alternately, he was in the independent film slam (or so wikipedia tells me).  he’s really f’ing amazing and already crosses genres, so this collaboration with trent should be interesting.  you can find out more about saul williams on wikipedia.

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okay, so it’s the day after my vasectomy.  the doctor says the one thing he hears patients say most after it’s done is “oh, that wasn’t so bad.”  and it wasn’t.  no worse than getting some of my piercings, just in a really uncomfortable location — but the only thing that really hurt was the initial poke to inject the local anesthetic.  that and him squeezing things in ways that were not pleasant, but it really went downhill after the needle in terms of pain.

and the recovery hasn’t been so bad. a couple hours after the operation, when the drugs started to wear off, i felt like i’d been kicked in the groin — a feeling that’s more or less still there, just not as intense — that that was manageable, too, with some heavy duty painkillers he prescribed.  i thought maybe we could go to red butte garden after dark last night because i was feeling cooped up and antsy, but after walking around the house for a while, decided that might not be the best idea.  but we’re probably gonna try for it tonight.

so if anyone was wondering, concerned, or whatever, i’m doing ok, and feeling pretty surprisingly well considering someone inserted a knife into my scrotum, cut my tubes, burned the ends, and then stitched me up.  oh, the stitches suck.

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so i was thinking last night about doing a new quasi-project thing.  i was thinking about disabled salmon, and his vlog, and various photo projects. i admit that i did consider doing a vlog since i’ve got the sweet video cam now, but i’ve decided against it.  mostly just because editing the video into something remotely watchable seems like it would be more trouble than it’s worth.  not that it would be hard, it’s just that, i dunno, who wants to see some random dope on camera talking about boring crap that no one cares about (which is often what i do, i know).

so, no, you’re not likely to see a vlog from me.  however, sort of in that spirit, and in the spirit of a project he mentioned on his vlog in which he’s taking a photo of himself every day for a year, i thought about posting a pic of me every day, or at least, every day i sit down to write a post.  i’m not sure what kind of value this would add to the blog (probably none), but it might be interesting/entertaining.  plus, it would provide a visual aid which is always good.  now this would sort of require that i be at home, or at least by my camera when i’m blogging, which i’m not always, so probably it will need to wait until Operation GTF Out of ABS is complete.




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