rpm update

21 days left of RPM (which, as you recall, is the make an album in the 28 days of february competition).  the goal is to complete a full album, which is defined as 10 songs OR 35 minutes.  here’s my vitals so far:

so what does this mean?

it means in terms of length, i’m almost done, but my goal is still to have a full 10 songs done. it means that i don’t need to worry if they are short (like Naked City, 30-seconds, short). but it also doesn’t take into account cover art and such, which i do want to make, and we don’t have a working printer (unless someone wants to donate $120 for new ink cartridges). was planning on uploading something to flickr and then ordering it in. probably just a front and back sleeve for a slim case (which i have an abundance of).

i’m not going to post any tracks here until the whole thing is done, but you can listen to them on my rpm page. i may package some kind of thing where i offer tracks for free or for money (like the new medium of free for lower quality mp3s, charge for high quality flacs, maybe bundle in my samples or something so ppl can remix me). so no peeks on the .com until it’s ready, mm’kay?



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