new look for presenting jazzsequence::metal::

i’m still putting the final touches on the site, but the new redesigned look is here.  the theory is based on some stuff that has been floating around the net about how websites will become more like lifestreams.  since i’ve never been really happy with any single lifestream client (and i’ve tried a bunch), i… Continue reading new look for presenting jazzsequence::metal::

gwozdziec, track 3

here are the 19 samples: By Gmaleson pen_hitting_bottle.wav By smallsushi breathehope – kitchen – 07.wav By Matias.Reccius snareD17.wav By DOCSURREAL massive_1.aif By stackpool river otter or weasel 2006-09-17.mp3 By absreports timestamp.aiff By MShades Daihikaku Senkoji bell.mp3 By mw_1984 OceanGeorgetownm Penang.MP3 By Meutecee Trumpethit04.wav By rotcav Fort-Myers-Beach.mp3 By huubjeroen noise#01.aif By dirkbag soundeffectgoingup2.mp3 By Guitarz1970 OctoRhythm.mp3 By Scylla rain.thunder.crickets-01.wav By moffittmusic indoor pooltime at summer camp.wav By gussyrikh Orangator-x.mp3 By tezzza Cupsmash.wav By Sumanguru… Continue reading gwozdziec, track 3

gwozdziec, track 2

okay, on to track 2. i rolled 0, 5.  i’m calling that a 5. here are the samples: By 110110010 ( wood_knock.wav ( By kyles ( airport waiting area busy1.aiff ( By irad ( inflames01.aif ( By james11111 ( pour a cup of tea.mp3 ( By kuzman909 ( 4 3-es1-2.wav ( generated my random quote page, rolled… Continue reading gwozdziec, track 2

get ready…it’s time for gwoździec!

i threatened when i made my random album cover that i would do a full on music project based on the fake album i created.  well, i’ve decided it’s time.  get ready bitches, it’s time for gwozdziec!  in keeping with the creative commons-ness of the whole thing, i’m going to blog the progress and make… Continue reading get ready…it’s time for gwoździec!