gwozdziec, track 3

here are the 19 samples:

By Gmaleson

By smallsushi
breathehope – kitchen – 07.wav

By Matias.Reccius


By stackpool
river otter or weasel 2006-09-17.mp3

By absreports

By MShades
Daihikaku Senkoji bell.mp3

By mw_1984
OceanGeorgetownm Penang.MP3

By Meutecee

By rotcav

By huubjeroen

By dirkbag

By Guitarz1970

By Scylla

By moffittmusic
indoor pooltime at summer camp.wav

By gussyrikh

By tezzza

By Sumanguru Gyra Jones
Wade Laughing.wav

By lofabred
snare hit c.wav

i’m realizing that i could be saving the remixes i’m making of these samples, but i’m not.  but i’m sort of doing that vaguely intentionally to keep the random/one-time-only sort of thing going on for this project.

and here’s my quote:

We are able to laugh when we achieve detachment, if only for a moment.
May Sarton 


i’m stripping that to the bare essence and calling this one “detachment”.

with this, there were so many samples that i grouped them together by a very loose criteria of subject matter/source.  there were several ambient noise samples which i used as the main component, linking them together and beginning and ending with the sound of the ocean.  i had several moderately “percussive” samples which i hacked to create a sort of drum looping thing.  and then there were several synthesized noises which i tweaked even more and layered to create textured drones.  it was early (or late, depending on your perspective) and i was going on very little sleep so i’m not really able to attach a value to this one.  i think i like it.  i think it tells a story, and i think there’s a zen feeling to the progression of natural sounds and human noises bookended by water.  this one i actually saved the percussion track separately.  which, by the way, when this is all done, i’m going to have a zip file with all the source materials so that will be in there.

with that, here’s the latest track.  upon re-listening, i think i do like it.

also, as a side note, i downloaded analogX’s vocoder software, which i played with a long time ago and several computer incarnations ago for another project.  i’m not sure how it will be used here, but i decided it would be a fun tool to play with.


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