get ready…it’s time for gwoździec!

i threatened when i made my random album cover that i would do a full on music project based on the fake album i created.  well, i’ve decided it’s time.  get ready bitches, it’s time for gwozdziec!  in keeping with the creative commons-ness of the whole thing, i’m going to blog the progress and make available all my sources along the way.  when it’s done, the whole thing will be available for free download and/or remix.  and i’ve decided that i’m going to use a virtual dice rolling app to randomize elements that don’t have something easily built in.  not sure exactly what, but we’ll see what happens.

creative commons this, yo!



grabbed a dice rolling app: rock’n’roll dice roller from mad ogre games.  the one i used to have, windice is nowhere to be found.  this one is free and has pretty graphics to boot.

i rolled 1d20 to determine the number of tracks on the album.  i got a 14.  there will be 14 tracks.

so now to work on track 1.  i rolled 2d10 to determine the number of samples to be used from  i got a 1 and a 5.  for the sake of not going insane, i’ve determined the low number is automatically going to be the 10s, so 1 and 5 is 15 (as opposed to 51).  this makes it somewhat less random, but much easier on my sanity (and the sanity of potential listeners).  now to download 15 samples for track 1.

i’m giving myself creative liberty to do whatever is see fit to the samples i randomly find.  on the flip side, i’m deliberately not listening to the samples until i start to assemble the actual songs.  here are the 15 samples in track 1:

By jukkis111 (
pandora huuto1.wav (

By james duckett (
out5FX.wav (

By thammo (
granulatum1.ogg (

By euroblues (
Trainwhistle SBB Re 420 euroblues.wav (

By xanthorp (
SH-5-259_103bpm.wav (

By jamieclarko (
emergencyalertsystemdistortedfmnoise.wav (

By anndee (
aufdie.wav (

By fille1000 (
slurping.wav ( By dimitar ( a sound of bells.wav (


By ashassin (
take_porte.wav (

By Mae Sekhmet (
DSCI0011.WAV (

By BuddhaMaster (
bathtub hitting inside and outside Ceramic Bowl inside cupboard PROCESSED.WAV (

By wanna73 (
Fountain_01.wav (

By mitchellsounds (


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