Indeed, that’s what I’ve been doing with this blog lately. I suppose I’m still in the #postaweek2011 game if you include Tumblr posts like the the sexy sax man one. But otherwise, yeah…

But it’s not because I’ve been sitting at the computer playing video games or anything.  Doing support for Event Espresso takes up a regular block of time that I would — if otherwise unoccupied by client work — likely be using to post stuff here in my procrastination from other projects I should be doing.  I’ve started a netlabel and have been working with Geoff from The Raygun Girls and Dan from Synaptic Disturbance on producing Synaptic Disturbance’s RPM2011 album.  I’m also working on a new theme for Museum Themes that I’m planning on debuting on the Plague Music site when it’s done.  I just finished a major project that included a custom post type plugin with custom taxonomies to support product information sheets like this one.  And I’m working on another new project for a ministry in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo where — if you look them up on Wikipedia — you can find images of child soldiers.  On top of all that, I’ll be heading out later this week to California to go to my grandfather’s funeral, who passed last Friday evening.

I also got an email yesterday about a $65k-100k/year permanent position as a systems analyst / web developer position that would essentially mean giving up all of the above and making more cash doing it.  Oh, and due to a chicken pox outbreak, all unvaccinated kids aren’t allowed back to school for 21 days (which, as of yesterday, they revised to April 8) which applies to our son (we’re getting him vacc’d today, and will hopefully have him going back tomorrow or Thursday).

All this adds up to things being very busy around here and I haven’t had time to post.  Oh, I should probably also mention that my wife has decided to start writing a novel.  Which means that I want to start writing a novel.  So there’s that, too.  Right.  So, I’m not asking for a pity party or condolences about my grandpa or anything like that.  I had this idea for a post about how we’ve gone from a digital culture with almost an infinite number of providers for various products and services to a digital culture with a few key players (in the wake of the Zune being pulled from the market and various internet startups being swallowed up and integrated into behemoths like Google), but you can understand I haven’t had the freaking time! And at the end of the day, who the hell wants to write about crap like that after, you know, doing work all day?  I also had a post planned for a blog that shall not be named about getting a vasectomy — and how it’s not a scary thing that guys (like me) should run away from, screaming — but, again, time (and inspiration) == nil.

So give me a freaking break, will ya?





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  1. Mark Ellis Avatar

    Not easy, is it. Sounds like you’ve got far more important things to keep you busy, though!

  2. jazzs3quence Avatar

    Ha! The irony of that is that WPShout has been in my blogroll for a looong time ;)

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