Random Song of the Day #23: Slighter – PushMeDown

Hey, I haven’t done this is a while.

@slighter has a new album coming out next week.  For reals.  It’s a mix of remastered stuff from his RPM Challenge submission, How to Burn Out Completely and some other stuff — some of which has vocals! (which tend to be my favorite tracks…I’m on the friends and family pre-release list, you see, so I got to hear an advance copy of the album…)

So here’s one of the new tracks (new to me anyway).  Be sure to grab the new album, Repetitive Action Junkie on iTunes or Amazon when the record drops next week.







3 responses to “Random Song of the Day #23: Slighter – PushMeDown”

  1. GeoffSaavedra Avatar

    That is a really good piece. I like.

  2. jazzs3quence Avatar

    Yeah, the whole album is really good. He’s doing a full release on Amazon/Spotify/eMusic/iTunes which he didn’t do for the RPM album.

  3. slighter Avatar

    Actually, out of the 13 tracks half of them are from the RPM challenge, the other half are new or unreleased.. plus that remastering of Carbon Based Violence. It’s in a way a collection of the Bandcamp stuff on a bigger release push… I don’t really get much traffic/sales from Bandcamp unfortunately, this way they get a wider audience.

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