You’re a body of light!

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Module 4 is about changing your perception of your body. Typically, we think of ourselves as slabs of meat. Maybe not in those terms exactly, but we generally have the idea that our bodies — those things that house our brain and our thoughts and pretty much every we are — is a physical thing, which eventually crumbles and decays.

The problem with thinking about your body as a physical thing is that eventually physical things fall apart. Your car needs to go to the shop to get pieces of it replaced, oil changed, etc. Your computer hard drive eventually decides it’s spun one too many cycles and stops working. Things break and need to be replaced.

You are not a thing that can be replaced nor are your parts things that can be (easily) swapped in and out like parts of a car or a computer. But if you expect that, at some point, your body is going to break down and fall apart, it probably will. Instead, this module encourages you to see yourself as a body of light the way Vedic seers saw it — a part of everything in your surroundings.

This module ends with a short clip of Deepak talking about this concept after a series of exercises describing the premise. The clips are so short that I wish they could all be joined into a longer video, but then, if that was the case, probably I wouldn’t read through the other stuff. Still, I feel like there are parts that have been cut out or cut short, and I wish those were included.

As to the concept of seeing myself as a body of light? I’ll get back to you. From a quantum physics perspective, it’s not that hard to grasp, in theory. But in practice, it’s hard to “see the code” like in The Matrix, to step outside of seeing everything as physical objects and, instead, see them as representations of light reflecting off of masses of particles. Or…something.

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