Progress Bar spotting in the wild

Today I came across my progress bar plugin for WordPress on the Soccer Morning donations page. Soccer Morning is a daily soccer podcast focussing on American soccer (national team, MLS, American players abroad, etc). The cool thing is it’s something I’ve started listening to. Check it out. And while you’re there, make a donation to help fund the podcast to keep it running.

Do we really need comments anymore?

Once upon a time, comments were king. The number of comments you got on a post not only represented the conversation surrounding that post but also measured its impact. This inevitably led to ways of gaming the system — spammers used comments to implant their backlinks to their black market viagra sites, and would-be and/or… Continue reading Do we really need comments anymore?

My Pluralsight course writing workflow

It’s been almost exactly a year since I started writing and developing courses for Pluralsight’s video library. It was last year at WordCamp Salt Lake City 2012 that Megan first came up to me and asked me if I’d be interested and  the 2013 SLC WordCamp passed just last weekend. Over that time, I’ve stumbled… Continue reading My Pluralsight course writing workflow

So, today the WordPress 3.8 Admin Help team met up in #wordpress-sfd — a fact that I would have forgotten entirely about had I not been at my computer coding at the time . Siobhan and one other made the meeting. That was fine. You may recall I mentioned something a while ago about getting involved in core development.  Siobhan said she wouldn’t be able to be the team lead because she’s got lots of stuff going on until December, so a new team lead would need to be figured out. I proposed waiting until next week to make the decision. But I somehow found myself taking charge of things anyway, making decisions, asking important questions and ultimately I resigned to just being the team lead because probably no one else would jump up to do it anyway.

So, yeah. I’m now the team lead for Admin Help. I guess this means that I’ll wind up on the credits page if this gets integrated into core in some form or other.

What I’m working on: building a plugin for book reviews

Last year, I met with some of the peeps from the Open Classroom‘s School Library (and Library Committee) to come up with ideas for how the Open Classroom website could better serve them. This was part of an existing process I was going through for planning the update to the website that I launched a… Continue reading What I’m working on: building a plugin for book reviews

Twenty Fourteen

This year, I’ve made it a goal to get more involved in WordPress. Not just peripheral, documentation projects, not just committing plugins and themes to the repository, but also contributing (in whatever form it takes) to core. And, okay, there’s an ulterior motive at work — 3.8 is the release that Matt is leading. So I… Continue reading Twenty Fourteen