Go forward. Move ahead.

This week was my first week away from Event Espresso. What’s that you say? You didn’t know I was leaving? Well, it wasn’t an easy decision. Pros of working at Event Espresso Some of the things I loved about working with Event Espresso was being part of a great team, being able to contribute to… Continue reading Go forward. Move ahead.

New Pluralsight course: Introduction to WordPress

My second course for Pluralsight goes live today. If you don’t already know, Pluralsight offers developer training videos and my first course, Introduction to WordPress Theme Development, was published in January. This course — Introduction to WordPress is a more general overview of WordPress and WordPress settings. I tried to pack it full with every… Continue reading New Pluralsight course: Introduction to WordPress

Developing for a greater cause

So, for a number of years, I’ve had a sort of rule: “don’t do work for free.” There are a number of caveats to this. Doing stuff for myself or my own projects would technically be working for free, but maybe I’m doing it to figure out how to do a new thing in WordPress or development… Continue reading Developing for a greater cause

Notifications, 2

Oh man. I’m stoked about this plugin. Part of the reason I’m so excited about it is because there’s no notification plugin in the WordPress.org repository called “Notifications”. Whaaat? Seriously? No one claimed that? It’s for reals, yo. The closest the repo has is WP Notifications. Now why would someone name a plugin WP Notifications… Continue reading Notifications, 2

Read about The Signal on Percussa’s blog

Celine from Percussa asked me to write a blog post for their site on The Signal because she thought I’d probably do a better job of talking about it than she would. I did, and the post is now live on their site. This is the first time since the Kickstarter project that I’ve really talked about the project and the process. Check it out.

The Signal: an Experimental Electronic Music Project using AudioCubes

New look for jazzsequence.com (again…)

So, the jazzsequence.com redesign is still on (or at least planned), but I figured, since I just got a theme hosted in the WordPress.org themes repository, I might as well make it, you know, my theme so that at least one person is using it live, right? So here it is: Museum Core. I’ve also… Continue reading New look for jazzsequence.com (again…)

Oh hey, I made a video

If you haven’t already seen it on Museum Themes (it’s on the front page) or on the Arcane Palette YouTube page, I made a movie. Okay, it’s really just a promotional trailer for our new theme, but I tried to make it as dramatic as a trailer for a WordPress theme could be. Oh yeah,… Continue reading Oh hey, I made a video