Borderlands: Gun Porn

I recently got a copy of Borderlands sort of for my birthday.  If you keep tabs on my Twitter feed or, for that matter, my Facebook updates, you will know that there was some issues getting the second computer up to a point that could run Borderlands.  Borderlands is like the first new (and by new I… Continue reading Borderlands: Gun Porn

disnts: downtime

charlene and jimmy challenge each other to a game of chess. the winner? jimmy, actually, despite the fact that his sister has the genius trait. the next day, she practices chess after school before she needs to go to work. jimmy, too, practices chess at the park nearby after he finishes his homework. while there,… Continue reading disnts: downtime

nooooo! okay, the sso sucks. but, in other news, we’re wiidicted

i nixed the single sign on due to the fact that a) it was kind of buggy and b) i didn’t need it anyway. but in better news.  WII.  seriously.  wii.  it’s wiitastic.  i’m wiidicted.  it’s wiilicious.  and i’ve got wii-arm now. gavin’s b-day is coming up so we decided to get him a wii. … Continue reading nooooo! okay, the sso sucks. but, in other news, we’re wiidicted


after spending, oh, i dunno, approximately 10 hours working on this damn photo kiosk at work, i think i finally managed to get it into a state of somewhat functional…ness…ish… i’m tired. gavin woke up screaming at 1am last night and wouldn’t go back to sleep until approx 4:30, and I wasn’t able to get… Continue reading garrrrrrr

amarok rocks my world. cedega, not so much.

i like amaroK. i think cedega is overrated. [more=there’s a lot more posted behind this link, but it’s kinda geeky, so be forewarned…there’s pretty screenshots tho.] the good: amaroK amaroK is a multimedia player (altho, thus far i’ve only used it for music). it works much the same way my ampache-powered page does. you create… Continue reading amarok rocks my world. cedega, not so much.