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  • pivot

    this short film is phenomenal.  it’s stylish and unique and the plot is as alluring as it is simple. found on behance, give these guys some props — they deserve it.

  • the not-so-hidden value of netflix

    i’m pretty much completely in love with netflix. it started with some casual experimentation through a friend during college.  he had a netflix subscription and we’d often get triple features of obscure asian action flicks (digging deep in the early career of jet li with the once upon a time in china series — which i highly recommend,…

  • netflixed movie review: who watches the watchmen? no, really, who watches the watchmen?

    we rarely (if ever) go to movies in the theatre anymore. this is sometimes depressing when long awaited films are released in the theatre that we really, really want to see. as the kids get older (particularly our youngest), scheduling a block of 4 or so hours where they can be sat by the grandparents…

  • ben bernanke revisited

    all this swine flu crap is depressing.  that’s why i thought it was high time to resurrect ben bernanke.   you tall glass of water, spencer.  i’m going to kiss you.  on the lips.

  • random bollywood with even more random subtitles

    this comes courtesy of the engrish brog.  i hadn’t seen it before but it’s got over 12 million views, apparently, so a lot of people have.  it’s effing hi-larious.  i love bollywood.

  • the matrix…on windows

    found on gizmodo See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

  • ghosts of the past

    part i my pre-ordered from the nin website copy of ghosts i-iv arrived yesterday. trent said that they went into making this album with the intent that it could/should be the soundtrack to something. on march 13, he announced a ghosts film festival on youtube. holding the actual release in my hands, i noticed it…

  • TalentProof

    we recently netflix’d two movies in a row with “-proof” in their title: Quentin Tarrantino‘s Death Proof (one half of his and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse) and Adam Sandler‘s Bulletproof. A brief review of these stinkbombs… Death Proof the only thing this flick proves is that Quentin Tarrantino is working on his talentless hack title. seriously.…

  • a guy in a hat kills another guy in a hat, 2000

    so this is the short film tess and i made.  it’s been sitting on a cd-rom since 2000, and i realize now that the cd-rom is beginning to show signs of age.  i always meant to post it to the internets for people to see, but…yeah, it’s only about 7 years late.  the story behind…

  • sid and nancy: do you feel like you’ve been cheated?

    this was one of those movies that you’re *supposed* to watch if you are hip to pop culture and/or punk. it’s the story of sid vicious and his horrible, drug addict g/f. it’s so over-the-top with everything that it’s confusing and boring and makes a joke out of punk rock. velvet goldmine, which had a…