musings on effective branding

i passed by a billboard this morning on the way to whole foods that said something about build your brand and it made me think about effective branding and what that really means. “branding” is the new buzz-term in internet marketing lingo.  it applies just as much to your corporate identity as it does to… Continue reading musings on effective branding

writing, part 2

i started writing this morning. i’ve posted the first piece of what i hope to turn into something. i have no idea how much of what i’m going to write i will end up keeping, but i have a master plan for the story, i know my main character well, so i’m hoping this can… Continue reading writing, part 2

“The Novel” and, also, “The Operation”

i called the urology deptartment at the university of utah hospital to schedule an appt. for my vasectomy.  so that means it’s official, it’s happening.  the appointment i scheduled isn’t for the actual operation, it’s for a consultation, and the operation follows, which is good since the appt. is on sept. 25 which is 5… Continue reading “The Novel” and, also, “The Operation”

new pages

i added some pages on the side under a new section called worldbuilding.  the purpose of this new section is to have a place to dump the different fictional worlds i’ve developed over the years.  some of these are closed, over and done with and some are still growing.  putting them on the blog means… Continue reading new pages