bjork – volta

bjork – volta it’s been growing on me, but it’s still not as listenable as i hoped. for me, bjork peaked around homogenic/selmasongs. there were two more albums (vespertine and medulla) which were pretty good, but not bjork’s best. then she did the soundtrack to drawing restraint. now i never saw the movie, and i’ve… Continue reading bjork – volta

nin – year zero

nine inch nails – year zero i was frustrated by not getting this, like, the day after i ordered it from the lala store powered by newbury comics. however, i’ve been listening to it a lot since it did arrive, and i haven’t gotten tired of it yet. could be it’s because i still like… Continue reading nin – year zero

recipe site update

i typed up a couple more recipes today.  they still need to be tweaked to be fully egg/dairy-free, but they can be found in their unabridged state, atm.  also, i found a printer-friendly view plugin, which i’m pretty happy with.

new page — recipes

i put up a new page for all of our recipes. my idea is that we have one central place for everything (since we have a lot of random sheets of paper with printed recipes from various websites/blogs). the first step being putting up all the GF recipes we’ve acquired and/or tweaked so a) we… Continue reading new page — recipes


after spending, oh, i dunno, approximately 10 hours working on this damn photo kiosk at work, i think i finally managed to get it into a state of somewhat functional…ness…ish… i’m tired. gavin woke up screaming at 1am last night and wouldn’t go back to sleep until approx 4:30, and I wasn’t able to get… Continue reading garrrrrrr

remixing nin has posted that trent will be releasing all of year zero to the public for remixing. so far he’s got “survivalism” (only in garageband format) and now added “capital g,” “me, i’m not,” and “my violent heart” into the mix, all of these having .wav files for the rest of us non-osx-ers. i d/l’d… Continue reading remixing nin

so what have i been up to…

before the page was updated, this blog wasn’t seeing much action.  what have i been doing?  well there’s the gavin.  there’s the we’re having another baby soon and the wow, we’ve been married 5 years thing.  i’ve made several ampache themes.  i’ve started a new World of Darkness forum game, and i’ve been learning about… Continue reading so what have i been up to…