2012 review and resolutions for 2013

I don’t tend to do these resolutions posts because resolution posts are things you do when you can’t set your own goals and feel the need to announce publicly something you plan on doing to act as an impetus for actually doing it (by shaming you into doing it since it’s out in the public). But I recognize that stating your intentions publicly can help to make those things happen and also it provides easy blog-fodder and one of my resolutions is to freaking blog more.

2012 Review

Between posts originally authored on this blog, my Kickstarter campaign for The Signal, posts on Museum Themes and Plague Music, and my Tumblog wht.the.fsck, I wrote a total of 99 posts with a grand total of 25,269 words. However, out of all those posts there were only 5 comments.

(all yearly stats came from my Updated Blog Metrics plugin that’s a fork of Joost de Valk’s Blog Metrics plugin)

In 2012, my most popular blog post was still my Gun Porn (Borderlands) post, which is just evidence of how much you can draw traffic if you use “porn” anywhere in your post title, regardless of actual content. Second place went to my now 3 year old post on MusicIP vs. WinAmp’s playlist generator. I don’t even use WinAmp anymore, am not even on Windows anymore, so that tells me that not much has been done on WinAmp in that time, which is also pretty sad. My third most popular post, though, was actually written last year. It was this post on getting Sublime Text 2 to run on older versions of OSX. Considering most of my popular posts are a few years old and my most popular post is solely for the “porn” in the title, this is actually pretty cool and emphasizes the point that when you write good content, people come. So write more.

Goals for 2013

I’m breaking this down into various, topic-based sections. Here we go.


  • Write more posts
  • Do more food blogging (also: cook more)

WordPress stuff

  • More WordPress tutorials
  • More WordPress documentation

(I’m already planning on doing WordPress videos for @pluralsight and I’m going to be working on the WordPress Theme Development handbook, so I’m already in a good position to do this.)

  • Go to (and speak at?) more WordCamps
  • Get (more) involved in the community
  • Update Museum Core
  • Update Hello Ziggy and finally add it to wp.org
  • Update and release the various CPT plugins (artists, releases, reviews, products…)
  • Finally build and update the new theme for this site
  • Do more WordPress themes, both for Museum Themes and WordPress.org (1/month, goal)


  • Make it.

Not make it like “make it in music”, just make more music. Been on a major hiatus after my PC died. This year there’s no excuse. Whether that means I’ll be doing RPM this year, I’m not sure, but I’m at least planning on being available for collaboration projects.

  • Convert all CDs to digital and archive in boxes

Other stuff

  • Move sites to a new host

As much as I’ve been happy with the support at my current host, I can’t help but notice that my sites all load slowly. Need something faster and/or more able to take the load.

  • Go to more RSL games
  • Follow and post crazy stuff to WTF Soccer?
  • Cook more (see also: do more food blogging)

I’ve actually found a few things I like making and have made changes that weren’t awful. Also:

  • Start a pinboard on Pinterest for food stuff

I should probably stop now before this list gets too long. I think that’s enough for one year. Maybe one more thing:

  • Have more fun.





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