Nginx config with WordPress multisite on DreamHost

Probably I should post this on the DreamHost wiki BUT I wanted to throw this out that I figured out a solution to an issue I was having on WordPress multisite since migrating to nginx… The problem The issue is that, while permalinks were working as expected, images were all broken, particularly when you were on… Continue reading Nginx config with WordPress multisite on DreamHost

First female employee

In this Wired article on Dropbox, the fact that Dropbox hired Facebook’s “first female employee” was mentioned. I’m not interested in how Dropbox is acquiring talent — though I happily use Dropbox and look forward to more app developers incorporating Dropbox into their platforms. Rather, I’m interested in this “first female employee” thing. Because a… Continue reading First female employee

My Pluralsight course writing workflow

It’s been almost exactly a year since I started writing and developing courses for Pluralsight’s video library. It was last year at WordCamp Salt Lake City 2012 that Megan first came up to me and asked me if I’d be interested and  the 2013 SLC WordCamp passed just last weekend. Over that time, I’ve stumbled… Continue reading My Pluralsight course writing workflow

What I’m working on: building a plugin for book reviews

Last year, I met with some of the peeps from the Open Classroom‘s School Library (and Library Committee) to come up with ideas for how the Open Classroom website could better serve them. This was part of an existing process I was going through for planning the update to the website that I launched a… Continue reading What I’m working on: building a plugin for book reviews

Go forward. Move ahead.

This week was my first week away from Event Espresso. What’s that you say? You didn’t know I was leaving? Well, it wasn’t an easy decision. Pros of working at Event Espresso Some of the things I loved about working with Event Espresso was being part of a great team, being able to contribute to… Continue reading Go forward. Move ahead.