i grew up wanting to be a writer, and  have written quite a bit of fiction starting after reading various V.C. Andrews books when i was maybe 8 or 9.  probably i wrote stuff before then, too, but that was when i remember actually binding a bunch of pieces of paper together with staples and drawing a cover with some title that was a direct ripoff of whatever V.C. Andrews book i had just not really actually read myself.  i wrote a lot in high school and took on some more ambitious projects in college.  unfortunately, i don’t like posting half-finished stuff, and i have a lot of half-finished stuff, and also brilliant ideas that haven’t made it to paper (or pixels, for that matter), so this list is rather limited.

Translucent was the biggest project I ever undertook and so it’s with the most disappointment that I present an unfinished work.  I think I got lost in the macro-story, building up the world until I wrote myself into a corner, but then, part of the problem was I ran out of time.  The story was going to be the basis of an interactive film/video game (which devolved into just a film) that was half detective fiction, half sci-fi, and half (yes, that’s three halves) vampire/horror/suspense.

Bast is a quasi-erotic fiction version of the pagan/Wiccan story of creation crossed with the Egyptian cat goddess, Bast (you know, for fun).  Also: it has pictures.

The Politics of Vartiia, The Caste System in VartiiaThe Parable of the Fallen One and Historical and Sociological Notes on The Parable of the Fallen One were all for my friend Tess Tanen’s Science of Science Fiction group seminar, in which we tasked ourselves to create a rich and thriving civilization. The Parable is a morality tale that is similar to the story of Icarus, with some twists that make it unique to our culture, as outlined in the Historical and Sociological Notes on… The Politics of Vartiia and The Caste System in Vartiia are both more or less sociological essays on one of the countries on the planet we created.

TWIRPS is actually a simplified role playing system, co-written with Peter Ryan


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