Hi, I’m Chris

I make websites and things. Lately, I’ve been experimenting a lot with Large Language Models (colloquially known as AI) to test their capabilities and to help make my job and D&D Dungeon Mastering life easier. Feel free to click around to learn more about stuff I like to do and/or am working on.

  • books: lady of avalon, marian zimmer bradley

    so i’ve been reading lady of avalon and i’m a little more than halfway done with it. it’s the first book in the avalon series beyond mists that i’ve read, and i’m a little disappointed. the writing is not as engaging, and it has a slow start, but that’s not the problem i’m having with…

  • new releases: thom yorke and cut chemist

    Thom YorkeThe EraserXL from allmusic.com:The Eraser, Thom Yorke’s first solo album, is a pleasant surprise, an intensely focused set of nine songs that are predominantly electronic. It’s as close to a version of Radiohead minus four of its members as one can imagine, sounding nothing like the stray-idea patchwork expected by some cynics. Indie Electronic,…

  • interesting spam

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  • fantastically brilliant business idea #29

    so i had another business idea epiphany last night. many of my amazingly good business ideas have to do with running a music store and how i would do it. i guess it’s sort of a dream i have to be able to share music i like with people and make money off it. if…

  • excuse me, when does the emperor show up & where are the prizes?

    so after spending most of the weekend and most of the day yesterday playing Guild Wars for the in game Dragon Festival, i find myself wondering why i was not getting points for driving well to see fireworks last night, and looking around for Grasps of Insanity to attack. you know you need a break…

  • ampache — reason number 512 why php rocks my world

    i found a web-based server application by accident when i googled to try to figure out if it was possible to broadcast on LAUNCHcast, which is the SHOUTcast-like protocol that Yahoo uses. i don’t think it is, but in the search results i found a blog in which ampache was mentioned as being the next…

  • ::8.2.2004::

    updated the portfolio page. see for yerself.

  • ::9.23.2003::house!!!

    we got our house…we’ll find out later today if we can start moving tonight. in the meantime, i made a page for my magic cards finally…will go in the geek section when i get that up, for now it’s here.

  • ::7.22.2003::

    uploaded pics from tess & karen’s wedding. see them here.

  • ::3.25.2003::

    a few minor updates here and there, i uploaded my work badge, and put some links on the rogue state page.