Hi, I’m Chris

I make websites and things. Lately, I’ve been experimenting a lot with Large Language Models (colloquially known as AI) to test their capabilities and to help make my job and D&D Dungeon Mastering life easier. Feel free to click around to learn more about stuff I like to do and/or am working on.

  • playlists

    so with the holidays comes holiday spirit and this is enforced/enhanced by holiday music. to add to your holiday cheer, i’ve created a couple holiday playlists. one is an xmas playlist i’ve been working on for a while. i just further enhanced it by adding some jpop and south park. today i just made a…

  • margaret atwood – lady oracle

    so i finally finished reading lady oracle. some books are those that you can’t put down. this was one i couldn’t pick up. for a period of months when given the opportunity to read, i chose to do other things. sometimes consciously, sometimes not. i finally consciously started picking it up again to read in…

  • free sexy babe photos

    this seemed really funny…possibly it’s because it’s late, we’re deliriously tired, and i just noticed the blog was getting spammed in the trackbacks (which i’ve disabled)…. sexy babe photos!!for more sexy babe photos, click here

  • amarok rocks my world. cedega, not so much.

    i like amaroK. i think cedega is overrated. [more=there’s a lot more posted behind this link, but it’s kinda geeky, so be forewarned…there’s pretty screenshots tho.] the good: amaroK amaroK is a multimedia player (altho, thus far i’ve only used it for music). it works much the same way my ampache-powered page does. you create…

  • crocodile hunter dies is “freak accident”!!

    erin, my source of news from the outside world, tells me the crocodile hunter died. ………..why does this come as no suprise? my only question is how he managed to stay alive this long. seriously, when you poke a lion 28 times in the ass shouting in your obnoxious australian accent “‘ey, kids, dunna try…

  • series of tubes

    ok. apprently i’m behind the times. apparently, it’s already old news that the internet is a series of tubes. my lack of knowledge of the series of tubes phenomenon can only be explained by positing that those tubes got clogged and my personal internet did not arrive until this morning. that’s right ladies and gentlemen,…

  • g33king ahead

    so i’ve had the jazzsequence rss feed in my live bookmarks folder in firefox on my work laptop for a long time, and for most of that time, it hasn’t worked (you can sort of read about it here). it’s sort of stayed there as a reminder that something needed to be fixed. well, i…

  • new releases: just one – stereolab

    anthology! StereolabSerene Velocity: A Stereolab AnthologyElektra/RhinoIndie Pop, Experimental Rock, Indie Rock, Post-Rock/Experimental, Alternative Pop/Rock, Ambient Pop, Indie Electronic

  • new releases: gossip, tortoise

    The GossipGSSP RMXKill Rock StarsIndie Rock, Garage Punk, Lo-Fi omg wtf gssp!!!1!!1!!!! Pajo1968Drag CityPost-Rock/Experimental, Indie Rock, Singer/Songwriter what’s this? yet another David Pajo project with a completely different name??? TortoiseA Lazarus TaxonThrill JockeyPost-Rock/Experimental, Indie Rock, Experimental Rock, Instrumental Rock

  • man, we suck

    why, oh why is this not even the slightest possibility in the us?