I know I haven’t posted much here.  Part of that has to do with spending every available moment working on Museum Themes.  But, in addition to that, I’ve been guest blogging on 10timesOne and WordCamp Utah 2010 as well as trying to keep an active blog going over at Arcane Palette with posts about art… Continue reading quiet

Caution: Beware of Fireballs

are there any regular readers out there?  anyone who might know about the whole upstart blogger and twitter/genesis rocket debacle?  a few?  well, good.  if not, check the archives for a refresher. the short story is that over the last year i followed, became entangled with, and then uncovered all sorts of unsavory things about… Continue reading Caution: Beware of Fireballs

WordPress tip: How to upgrade all your plugins in one go

If you haven’t upgraded your WordPress blog to 2.9 (actually 2.9.1 as of the time of this writing), you should.  With the 2.9 update, the people at WP have implemented a feature that I’ve been pining for for some time.  The only problem is it’s not where you’d think it might be. If you do… Continue reading WordPress tip: How to upgrade all your plugins in one go

honesty wins more friends than enemies

since posting my rant the other day about twitter, and the products/methods/ebooks that pump up your follower count at any cost, one thing’s become clear to me: honesty wins more friends than enemies.  this should be fairly obvious, but apparently, to some, it’s not.  just take a look at the comments on this post and… Continue reading honesty wins more friends than enemies

How not to use Twitter

I’m done.  Seriously, I’ve had it.  I’m done with the lies and the hype and the spam and the spin doctoring.  I’m done with “twitter methods” that promise thousands of followers and fame and fortune and all they really deliver is spam, affiliate marketing, and zombies – the precise thing they claim to avoid. You… Continue reading How not to use Twitter

planning a new attack on the design

i’ve been thinking about hacking the site design again. now that i’ve got the lifestream set up and i’ve seen how it looks in use, i’m thinking of moving things around to make things feel a bit more cohesive and less random. maybe emphasize the “this is what i’m doing right this second” aspect of… Continue reading planning a new attack on the design


being able to post asides, and do so directly from the dashboard is going to seriously influence how i keep my blog updated and how often i post…

take that, corporate rock

in a magical fairytale land, closely resembling our own, there was a bard.  this bard appeared as just another travelling musician-storyteller, like most bards, from a small town and humble beginnings.  in fact, this bard was secretly a vassal under the employ of an enormous fiefdom, taking a small cut off the top of her tips and giving… Continue reading take that, corporate rock

rise above

[audio:RiseAbove.mp3] so i had this long post all ready to run based on some stuff i discovered through clicking around a certain blogger’s twitter feed.  it became the fictionalized story of two like-minded neophyte bloggers who came to the blogging world from an altogether different online world — the online porn industry.  they both had similar… Continue reading rise above

more thoughts on new jazzsequence design

i was thinking a bit more about what i want from the new redesign, and how i want to integrate feeds and activity streams from other sites.  in particular, i was thinking about what om malik talks about in this post on what he sees as the evolution of blogging.  one point he makes is that,… Continue reading more thoughts on new jazzsequence design