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  • Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development

    I’ve got a new course up on Pluralsight that went live today. New course: Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development | the pluralsight blog.

  • CCG Manager

    CCG Manager

    CCG Manager is a WordPress plugin to manage your Magic: the Gathering or other collectable card game cards. It’s also my 10th plugin on WordPress.org. CCG Manager

  • New Pluralsight course: Introduction to WordPress

    New Pluralsight course: Introduction to WordPress

    My second course for Pluralsight goes live today. If you don’t already know, Pluralsight offers developer training videos and my first course, Introduction to WordPress Theme Development, was published in January. This course — Introduction to WordPress is a more general overview of WordPress and WordPress settings. I tried to pack it full with every…

  • Progress Bar 1.1

    A new version of my progress bar plugin is available. You can download it or follow the link to find out what’s new. I’ve added full documentation on the Progress Bar plugin microsite with examples of all the new shortcode parameters and options. Progress Bar 1.1 | Progress Bar.

  • This is why I read Chris Lema

    This is why I read Chris Lema

    If you asked me a year ago who Chris Lema was, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. My experience up to that point was a brief mention by my friend Josh at Event Espresso that his was a blog worth reading. Chris tweets a lot — one of my biggest turn-offs when I am…

  • Holy Botnet, Batman! How do I change my admin username?

    Holy Botnet, Batman! How do I change my admin username?

    You may have heard about the massive security threat toward Joomla and WordPress sites. (If not WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???) There are lots of posts around the web on the subject, but not a lot of answers to “well, how do I change my username from admin?” This post answers that question. Answer 1: You don’t…

  • Brought to you by Sublpress

    Brought to you by Sublpress

    This post is being written in Sublime Text thanks to a new package by Nicolas Dienstbier — who has a much cooler way of shortening his name than I do (what could I do? rnlds? Actually…) — called Sublpress. The premise of Sublpress is simple — use Sublime to manage your WordPress site(s). You can…

  • Cat Signal on Post Stat.us

    Brian posted a link to Cat Signal on Post Status. It may not be the same thing (yet) as being Dugg but it’s still pretty cool. I still need to write up a post on how and why I wrote the plugin… Cat Signal: An advocacy plugin for the Internet Defense League : Post Status.

  • Notifications, 2

    Oh man. I’m stoked about this plugin. Part of the reason I’m so excited about it is because there’s no notification plugin in the WordPress.org repository called “Notifications”. Whaaat? Seriously? No one claimed that? It’s for reals, yo. The closest the repo has is WP Notifications. Now why would someone name a plugin WP Notifications…

  • Notifications

    How many times have you wanted to display a sitewide notification on your site? I’ve needed it a lot on a variety of sites, and the plugins I’ve found in the repository left much to be desired. I decided to create my own, which is still in development, that I plan on uploading to WordPress.org.…